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The Koppi Trading Port

Located in the town of Golden Barrel, on Cactus Island, The Koppi Trading Port is here to meet your every need. The town we reside in used to be known by many as Whiskey Peak. It was home to many bounty hunters belonging to the evil corporation Baroque Works. Don't fret though! We kicked out that slime and decked the town up. Now you can spend the day here acquiring items from our extensive collection in the Shop at The Koppi Port. If you already bit your shopping bug, why not stop by Koppi's Famous Cafe and dine on the Grand Line's most delicious dishes. That's not all! We are also home to the Grand Line's best Retreat and Spa, where you can relax or participate in a variety of fun activities. May you be a pirate, marine, fisherman, or just a weary traveller, all are welcome here at The Koppi Trading Port. Please feel free to contact any of Captain Koppi's Crew if you have questions about visiting us.

Shop at The Koppi Port

Whether you are just passing through town or searching for rare treasures, The Shop at Koppi Port has something for everyone. Stop in and be amazed by the enormous selection of local and exotic goods. Our crew scavenges the Grand Line to bring you, the customer, both popular and unique items. Items from Little Garden, Drum Island, Alabasta and more can all be found here. Ranging from everyday necessities you will need on your journey through The Grand Line, to strange fruits that will give the eater powers; The Shop at Koppi Port has it all!.

Koppi's Famous Cafe

If you are a food connoisseur, or just a famished group shipmates, stop into Koppi's Famous Cafe for a bite (or a whole load) of the best food on The Grand Line. Our cafe staff is constantly scouring The Seas and The Line to present customers with the most delectable dishes. Local favorites and foods you have never heard of are found being served here at Koppi's Famous Cafe. All our food is fresh too, thanks to the wonderful pedal powered refrigeration systems we have aboard the vessels that collect our meats and produce. With our head chef, "Five-Alarm" Carmen, flavors are taken to new heights. At Koppi's Famous Cafe we use fresh ingredients to present our customers with delicious delicacies from throughout The Seas and The Line.

Retreat and Spa

Bored and looking for an adventure? Or are you tired and want to lie back and relax? Well look no further the Retreat and Spa! Waiting around for a log pose to reset can be tedious. Our staff at the Retreat can make that time fly by! Adults and children can pursue endless recreation because activities here are plentiful. If you need a breather from your long journey, stop by the Spa to rest those battered feet. The staff at the Spa are here to meet your every need. Trained in a plethora of relaxation techniques, pampering, body cleansing, and massage, our Spa staff will have your worries melting away in no time. At the Retreat and Spa there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Captain Koppi's Crew

Ah yes, Koppi's Crew. The most loyal and fine crew you will ever meet. The Crew is lead by Captain Koppi, a once down on his luck orphan, turned hero of the South Blue. When Koppi was young he ate a mysterious fruit that was said to grant to eater abilities. This fruit was called a Devil Fruit. The most puzzling part about this fruit was that nothing happened (besides losing his ability to swim). Years later Koppi's home town was being attacked by pirates. Their captain, having the abilities of a Devil Fruit himself, destroyed nearly all the town without any struggle or retaliation. That is when Koppi decided to face the towns fears, and fight back against the villainous pirate captain. He knew he was no match for the pirate captain yet he took a swing and....missed. The pirate captain immediately used his powers to toss away our hero, then what Koppi calls "a sudden surge" went through his body and provided him the same abilities as the deplorable pirate captain. With these abilities Koppi was able to defeat the slew of pirates and send them back to sea. It turns out the Devil Fruit that Koppi ate all those years ago happened to be a Mimik Mimik Fruit, giving the eater the ability to use other Devil Fruit users powers once having seen their power used. With his powers found, now Captain Koppi and his most trustworthy friends set sea to adventure as pirates.

Many years later, having plundered the Grand Line, Captain Koppi and his crew decided to retire. To be able to help those on their journey, or those just staring out, became the Koppi Crew's new line of work. Captain Koppi and his crew wanted the location to be at the beginning of The Grand Line, so new comers and veterans alike could have somewhere to seek aid on their adventures. It was problematic the island nearest the entrance to the Grand Line (Cactus Island) was inhabited by thugs that worked for one of the Seven Warlords of The Seas. That was until a fearless group of pirates removed those reprobates, leaving the Cactus Island open for business. The town of Whiskey Peak was then changed to Golden Barrel. With Captain Koppi's boat load of treasure, the town was rebuilt, staff was hired, and customers began to flow in.

Captain Koppi's Crew, now much larger, sails The Seas and The Line again, looking for food, rarities, and more to bring back to The Port for sale. Also, with Captain Koppi's power to mimic Devil Fruit users abilities, new merchandise is being created constantly. Captain Koppi and the original crew can be found most of the time right here at The Koppi Trading Port, watching over the people of Golden Barrel. With their passion to help those in need, we here at The Koppi Trading Port guarantee you will find whatever it is you are looking for.