Black Market Pirates


We are the Black Market Pirates! We have infiltrated The Koppi Port, and those fools have no idea we're here. We are selling you goods that have been deemed illegal and immoral to sell by the government. Find us on the north side of Cactus Island, directly opposite The Koppi Port. Stand by the beached ship and yell "Zip!Zip!Zip!". Go back to town and we'll find you. Just keep your mouth shut about us or we'll have to find you and zip it shut ourselves. Prices are discussed in person.

What We're Selling

Marine Vessels: Sail your way through Marine occupied territory disguised using one of our reclaimed ships ___OUT_STOCK

Endangered Sky Fish: Smuggled out of Skypeia, they taste fifty times better than legal sky fish ___IN_STOCK

Black Transponder Snail: Equip this snail on your wrist to eavesdrop on calls between unsuspecting marines ___IN_STOCK

White Transponder Snail: Attach this snail to your current transponder snail to prevent your calls from being intercepted by black transponder snails ___IN_STOCK

Dance Powder: Burn this powder to make it rain wherever and whenever you please ___IN_STOCK

Millennial Dragon Elixir: Live forever with this cocktail made from bones of the legendary Millennial Dragons ___OUT_STOCK

Hiking Bear Worker: Taken as babies and trained to do as their told, these hiking bears will obey their masters every command ___IN_STOCK

Banana Gator Babies: Raise your own Banana Gator to eat ships whole and defend your crew from sea kings ___OUT_STOCK